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I really like the gameplay, it feels very tactical and unique. However, it could use some Feedback improvement, for instance, some weapons can only be shot after aiming down the sights, and I only realized that after my 5th death. Maybe this could be done by changing the cross-hair or drawing a Laser/Line when you can shot the weapon.

The game suffers from A LOT of pixel distortion, the application surface is too small, and camera rotation and movement only make it worse, please give an option to change the window size and allow the game to use Half Pixels, it will look great.

The weapons feels great, but some of them doesn't make much sense, there's an WW2 weapon, but also a Laser Sniper Rifle (?), it doesn't fits. besides that, they mostly feel nice and the sound effects are great.

I like the enemy AI, nice job.

The aesthetic is great, but it needs improvement, specially on the level design, most rooms are huge, and they don't have a purpose, add some props and variety to them.

The game is definitely worth to keep a look at. (btw, the Discord link is down).

Can't wait to see where it's going. Good luck with the project, it does have a ton of potential.

- Thiago Jaqueta.

Really love the aesthetic! but my 4k monitor screws with everything. the main menu blacks out 3/4ths of the monitor and only appears in the top left corner, the levels load in fullscreen but the fade in and out mask on level load and death only covers the top left corner, a windowed mode might be a huge help. I'm not sure if there is a cooldown time on firing but no weapon other than the gas fired more than once for me (maybe I just died too quickly). No complaints here, just letting you know what happened on my end, game looks awesome!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll look into the resolution problem immediately.

After a lot of tweaking, the game should now be resolution independent. However, since I do not own a 4k monitor myself, I'd love to hear from you if the issue has been resolved.


srry for all caps