Last Demo Release

We have just released the last version that will be considered a Demo. Our next goal is going to be Act I.

This release includes:

  • The M500t pump-action shotgun.
  • The Draco AK Pistol.
  • The Berserk 24-m three-round-burst machine pistol.
  • A fixed RPG-7. Its projectiles will penetrate the first wall they come in contact with.
  •  Silencers (for now, these can be toggled on the appropriate weapons by pressing Left Ctrl). Be aware, silencers can overheat, and your weapon will not be useable during that time.
  • Windows, which can be broken, and thus allowing you to get in and out of buildings from several different locations, giving you more freedom.
  • Dynamically destructible walls. Later on, in Act I, the walls inside buildings will be more fragile, and therefore entirely destructible, allowing for even more freedom. However, for now you can only punch small holes in them.
  • A basic dialogue system which isn't used yet, however, you may test this by pressing your middle mouse button.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Various enemy AI updates and fixes

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Blue Hotel - Demo 53 MB
Oct 28, 2017

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