A downloadable Simulation for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Odd Folk is a Roguelike survival simulation hybrid that delves into the philosophy of purpose within a world that has proven to be purposeless. You can create your own story, or follow that of another character. There is no set path for you to take, and you won't be told what to do - aside from maintaining your character's mental and physical health. Each choice has a consequence, most of which can not be foreseen.

Right now the game is in development, meaning it's rough around the edges. We're mostly working on core features and core mechanics related to the roleplay game sentiment. The following features are in the game at this time:

- Rough Character creation, includes having a name, race, skills and attributes. Later on we'll expand upon this.

- Random generation of the world using chunks and biomes.

- Day / night cycle, and dynamic weather including dusk, rain and clear weather.

- Turn based combat with a realistic per-limb damage system. Per example you can bleed out if your groin is severed / damage. Same thing applies to losing a limb or having your throat slit.

- Inventory system with catagories and realistic weight and volume of items. 

- Particle system for now retained to fire and smoke. 

- Water and long grass that responds to wind speed and wind direction, smoke also responds to this.

- Temperature system that goes hand in hand with the wind system and the fire system. Is also influenced by weather.

- Basic Dialogue system that we'll expand upon in the future.

- Basic 'Knowledge' system, what your character 'knows' goes hand-in-hand with skills and attributes. Knowledge can be taught from A.I. or read in books.

- Simple farming system is implemented that uses seeds that are dropped on the ground. We'll expand upon this system with planned tools, usage of water, skills and knowlegde.

- Simple faction system that is visualized with the color of an entity or human.

- Troglodyte faction that has a higher violence value when regarding enemy factions or humans. (they'll scalp you.)

- Completely open source.

The planned feature list is too long to post here.

It's the best to download the game from our website and follow our Twitter or Discord server for active development.





Updated 25 days ago
Published 28 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing, Survival
TagsOpen Source, Open World, Roguelike

Install instructions

Java 11 is required, but due to the new restrictions regarding the fact that you need to sign up, we strongly recommend OpenJDK.


Odd Folk Snapshot

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